heart attack.

Ive realised i have a super weak heart.

The accumulation of stress and worry lately made me suffer an odd symptom.

Every now and then i get this stabbing pain in my chest and its hard to move. My heart muscles ache so much.

apparently i have angina. Sounds like vagina, but not as wonderful as nature’s 3d printer.

Its temporal heart ischemia. And suffers are at risk from poor diet and high stress….

I really want that holiday real soon Owo.


Most interviewers are told a few rules when listening to their co-workers. Here’s a few that i thought were worth noting.

1. Give your whole attention to the person interviewed and make it evident that you are doing so.

2. Listen, dont talk

3. Never argue, never give advice

4. Listen to what they want to say, what they do not want to say, what they cannot say without help

5. As you listen plot out tentatively and for subsequent correction the pattern that is being set before you. To test this, from time to time summarise what has been said and present for comment (is this what you are telling me) Always do with caution as in, clarify in ways that does not add or distort what is being said.

6. Remember that everything said must be considered a personal confidence and not to be divulged unless stated otherwise.

6 things that i super love.

1. My guitar. whenever i feel like a roomba robot doing nothing useful in the house i just sit with my guitar and belt out a few tunes.

2. The blender. I love blend fruits and ice.

3. The beach, super cheesy but its the perfect blend of nature and water. I love bushland, but only if im travelling to a water fall. Nothing like cooling off after a hike under a water fall.

4. Hugs. I super love hugs.

5. Moisturisers. Im loving this product called Ponds. Its a womens brand but my god, that moisturiser is just the nectar of the gods. My acne is nearly completely cleared up.

6. Water. I think its well established that i love water.