6 things that i super love.

1. My guitar. whenever i feel like a roomba robot doing nothing useful in the house i just sit with my guitar and belt out a few tunes.

2. The blender. I love blend fruits and ice.

3. The beach, super cheesy but its the perfect blend of nature and water. I love bushland, but only if im travelling to a water fall. Nothing like cooling off after a hike under a water fall.

4. Hugs. I super love hugs.

5. Moisturisers. Im loving this product called Ponds. Its a womens brand but my god, that moisturiser is just the nectar of the gods. My acne is nearly completely cleared up.

6. Water. I think its well established that i love water.

Taco flavoured kisses.

Im just going to list a few things i saw at the gym today.

1. Some guy singing “never going to give you up” in the showers. He had a really good voice. Too bad he transitioned to trolololol the song.

2. Some random Asian girl has started to frequent the weight areas. she talks to everyone, even when they want to be left alone. I just found out she’s a new worker there. I guess it doest hurt to be friendly to the workers, but gawd does she talk like a parrot.

3. When i was doing my deadlift, i was positioned behind some girl doing her squats. Why. I could not avert my eyes without killing my posture. So i just stood around and huffed and puffed til she finished her set. Not that i dont like bums, but i dont want to be staring at someone’s butt while im holding 110kg.

4. Ive gotten fatter from all the weightlifting. Ewwww.

Essay work: Obesity and governmentality.


“Where discipline is the technology deployed to make individuals behave, to be efficient and productive workers, biopolitics is deployed to manage population; for example, to ensure a healthy workforce”.

^ Kerr, Derek (1999) Beheading the king and enthroning the market: A critique of Foucauldian governmentality. Science & Society 63 (2): 173-203